Terms & Conditions

standard terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to every agreement when you purchase goods from PeppinoCement Ornaments. These terms and conditions are to please be read carefully.

1. AGREEMENT means an agreement whereby you purchase goods from Peppino Cement
Ornaments CC based on the following terms and conditions;

1.1 GOODS refer to the goods that are sold to you by Peppino Cement Ornaments CC;

1.2 QUOTATION refers to the written quotation provided to you by Peppino Cement Ornaments
CC and is only valid for the period specified on the Quotation;

1.3 VAT is included in all sales prices;

1.4 DELIVERY COSTS shall be paid by you and will be specified separately, should delivery be
requested by the Client;

1.5 ORDERS mean that you have inspected the goods at the sales price and are satisfied with
the quality and that there are no defects in the goods. Please inspect the goods carefully and
read our returns clause in this document.


The delivery note signed by the Customer shall be regarded as proof that the goods were
delivered to the Customer or a delegated third party.


3.1       All goods purchased may only be returned within 10 days after receiving the goods;

3.2       The consumer is responsible for all costs of returns;

3.3       All goods correctly supplied will incur a 15% handling fee;  

3.4       Any item purchased which has been taken apart, used, added to another item or changed from its original form will not be accepted for returns;

3.5       Where goods are delivered by a transport company/courier of the client’s choice, we      will not accept responsibility for any damage or breakages of the item/product;

3.6       If goods are faulty or defective exchanges will be done in accordance with the      Consumer Protection Act. Where goods are sold on sale and the Client has been        informed of the specific defect and accepted the goods in the specific condition, no       exchanges or cash refunds of goods will be permitted;

3.7       Custom made goods may only be returned if the goods do not reasonably conform          to the specifications of the order;


4.1 Peppino Cement Ornaments agrees to only process personal information of Customers for
the purposes for orders, sales and delivery of goods.

4.2 By ordering or purchasing from us the Customer consents to the processing of personal
information by the employees or third parties of Peppino Cement ornaments for the sole
purpose of performance for orders, sales and delivery of goods.